Hailing from the West Midlands but now based in North London, Delmer Darion (aka Oliver Jack and Tom Lenton) made their debut back in March with "Wildering" and since then have dropped two more singles, "Narrowing" and "Brossier", all of which will feature on their upcoming debut album.

Now they're back with their fourth single, "Television", and it's another piercingly soulful piece of electronica. Sitting somewhere between ambient, soul, post rock and jazz, its unpredictable flourishes are held together by a chilling contribution from guest vocalist Genevieve Dawson. Despite those heavenly sonics, however, the duo explain the song itself is inspired by something sinister yet faintly surreal.

"Back in the '80s, some fundamentalist Christians like Pastor Gary Greenwald were preaching how cartoons like He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe were turning children to Satan and the occult," they explained to Complex via email. "That gave us this wonderful image of Satan curled up and imprisoned in the electron guns of old cathode ray tubes. We just thought, how far he's fallen! Back in his day, pretty much everyone feared Satan's ability to walk, talk, convey, possess, and just generally affect the physical world. But here, a small minority of loonies have him spinning morning cartoons for kids. It felt like the perfect symbol for the death of Satan in the collective consciousness."

"Television" is lifted from the upcoming album Morning Pageants, which arrives October 16 via Practise Music.

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