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Kanye West has dropped millions into his long-shot presidential bid.

According to a recent Federal Election Commission report, the "Birthday Party" candidate has loaned his campaign nearly $6.8 million between July 15 to Aug. 31. The campaign also spent around $5.86 million during that time, with payments going to a number of consulting firms—including Atlas Strategy Group, owned by GOP operative Gregg Keller—and law firms like the Wisconsin-based Husch Blackwell. The filings also show West's team has amassed an outstanding debt of more than $1.2 million, most of which is owed to political consultants. 

The Hollywood Reporter points out that the campaign has only received about $11,000 in outside donations, with individual donations ranging between $200 to $1,000. The filing confirms West's bid is almost entirely self-funded, which isn't too surprising considering the campaign is doomed to fail.

Since his presidential candidacy on the Fourth of July, West has failed to secure ballot access in a number of states due to missed deadlines or filings that were deemed invalid. CNN reports West has made the general election ballot in only 10 states, including Colorado, Iowa, and Minnesota. He was recently removed from Virginia's ballot after officials determined he had submitted Elector Oaths that "were obtained by improper, fraudulent, and/or misleading means." Two electors in Virginia have filed lawsuits claiming they were tricked into signing an Elector Oath for West.