Kanye West did a lot of tweeting this past week, with a large focus of that binge being focused on wanting to acquire control of his master recordings, and also about the bizarre economic structure of the music industry. Anybody who missed that could probably catch up super quickly by scrolling down this tag

With that covered (kind of), we'll focus on a message that was sent in West's direction by Boosie Badazz after Kanye invoked Drake's name at least a few times while speaking out about his contract issues.  

While he (see: Kanye) deleted at least one tweet from Monday that asked for "a publicly apology from J Cole and Drake to start with immediately," he still has one up in which he says that the goal is to restructure existing/future music deals except for Drizzy's. We can surmise that Kanye is kidding because we, astutely, noticed the part in which he said "JUST KIDDING."

Anyway, now's the point where Boosie comes in. Apparently sick of Kanye publicly mentioning Drake, Boosie typed and sent out the following in Drake's defense:

A day ago, XXL stated that Drake had yet to respond (in fact, that was a theme throughout the week), but it looks like things have changed just slightly in the past 24 hours. At the very least we can conclude that he's aware of West's comments (or at least that something was said about him) because he "liked" an Akademiks post about Boosie's tweet. 

Consider that the long way 'round to saying Drake "liked" Boosie's sentiment on the topic. Read into that what you will. Also you're caught up: