Chris Brown and Young Thug continue to welcome fans into their wonderfully warped world with the video for their single, "Say You Love Me."

Just like the duo blended boundaries and genres on their joint mixtape, Slime & BBreezy and Thugger bend reality by creating an animated music video. The video starts off with Young Thug and Chris Brown encountering two women. These women then create portals that they beckon Brown and Thug to follow them through. On the other side, Breezy, Thug, and the women turn into animated characters in an intergalactic setting. 

As the duo follows these women through space, their quest to get to know them turns into an adventure to save them. They jump from planet to planet before finding the women on a desert sphere. Here, Breezy and Thugger turn into a wolf and snake respectively. They use their newfound powers to defeat the women's captor and free them.

Brown came up with the concept for the video and it was executed by the singer and his close creative partners, Mat Fuller, Matt Goldstein, and Jake Miosge. Fuller wrote and directed the video while Joe Hobach (Game Of Thrones), Eric Molina (Yahoo! Sports, NFL), and Tony Castro (Agents Of Shield, Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows: Part 2) handled the animation.

Watch Chris Brown and Young Thug's video for "Say You Love Me" above.