Berlin-based producer Narou and New Zealand singer Noah Slee have been pushing their respective soul sounds for a good few years now, mixing the genre's capacity for futurism with classically-minded songwriting and a firm understanding of how to tug at our heartstrings. They've now joined forces on new single "Enough", a tender offer of encouragement to anyone held back by their own self-doubt. It may be scary to make that leap but, as Slee puts it, life is going to move real fast and you'll never forgive yourself if you don't try.

Speaking with Complex, Narou explains: "'Enough' is a song I wrote for my sister. She's been supporting me and my career since day one and a lot of my achievements would not have been possible without her. Like so many others, she is struggling to find her true passion and purpose in life. She is such a talented creative with a truly amazing visual aesthetic and I do believe in her more than anything.

"In the song I am saying that one should try to be mindful and present, surround themselves with positive people that help you grow and be brave enough to fully pursue one's potential and talents instead of playing safe by just staying in your comfort zone."