Artists have continued to come forward with support for Megan Thee Stallion after she said Tory Lanez shot her in Los Angeles. Fellow Houston rapper Maxo Kream is the latest to voice his support for Megan, recalling a run-in he had with Tory three days before the shooting took place in a video he shared on Instagram.

"I wasn't going to speak on this shit until I seen n***as and bitches coming for Megan, talkin' like she 6ix9ine or something," he said near the start of the video. "Three days before Megan got shot I was in L.A., I was at the hotel. Tory Lanez's bitch-ass was staying at the hotel too." He said that when he went to a local Jamaican restaurant, he noticed that Tory pulled up to the same restaurant shortly after.

Maxo said that when Tory Lanez was pestered by his assistant "or whatever" to go grab the food, he returned to the wrong car. "This n***a walk up to my car, open my door," he continued, explaining that people with him in the car "up guns" at Tory Lanez. "'Oh! My bad, bro, I didn't know where I was going,'" Maxo recalled Tory say when he realized he got into the wrong car. "You would shoot a female but when some gangsters get on your ass, up sticks, n***as cop plea bargains," he added.

"Tory Lanez a bitch, bro. Any n***a from Texas that ain't standing up for Megan y'all some bitch-ass n***as too," he concluded, making his feelings on the situation abundantly clear. "Keep Megan name out your mouth, n***a."

Watch his video via Instagram above.