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Kanye West has publicly professed his love for Chick-fil-A by dedicating a song to the fast-food chain on his gospel album, Jesus Is King. On Tuesday, West took a trip to the Christian-based restaurant to have a meal with a few famous friends. 

West took to Twitter where he posted a video of co-owners, Dan Cathy and Bubba Cathy, performing praise and worship at one of their establishments in Georgia. 

"Dan and Bubba Cathy giving grace at Chick Fil A," West wrote before revealing that he didn't come to this meeting by himself. In another post, West showed that Steve Harvey was also enjoying a meal. 

Chick-Fil-A has waded through a lot of controversies lately. People have been called to boycott the chain due to the owners' anti-LGBTQ+ stance. The Cathy family opposed same-sex marriage and was rumored to have donated to anti-LGBTQ+ organizations. Along with this, fabricated stories started to surface claiming that the chain has donated directly to Trump's reelection campaign. This has since been debunked with USA Today explaining that no fast-food chain has given Trump money.

Still, Chick-Fil-A has a history of discriminatory practices making Kanye's appearance another confusing move by the rapper.