Lil Baby throws Orlando's HOTBOII an assist by hopping on the remix of his single "Don’t Need Time."

The original "Don't Need Time" was a stand out track from HOTBOII's latest project, Kut da Fan On. Like the first installment, HOTBOII plays with the concept of living life fast with this single, making it clear that life stops for no one. 

"Don't need time 'cause time waiting on nobody/3.5 I'm rolling to get my lungs right," he croons on the hook. "It seems like the gunfight is the fun life/Ain't no love life all these bitches wanna fuck right."

Lil Baby adds to this theme with a verse that is littered with quick war stories about his time in the streets. 

"Thugging at an all-time high, nobody trying to die/Told my bro he might as well drive, I done got too high/But, not never too high to work that fire," Lil Baby raps. "Seem like everybody got it but that shit a lie/I did my best, at least I tried/I never thought 'bout suicide/I Keep a five to ease my mind, pills don't work on me/They joked around when I was down, I got them working for me."

To add to the mortality of the song, Lil Baby and HOTBOII decided to touch on an all-too-real reality for Black Americans with the song's video. The visual starts off with a news story about Orange County, Florida authorities shooting a citizen. Then, as HOTBOII delivers his verses, he's in a cemetery watching the police gun down a Black man on his phone. Also, HOTBOII and his associates pour out several bottles of liquor while Lil Baby recounts some of his life obstacles. 

Watch the video for HOTBOII's "Don’t Need Time" (Remix) featuring Lil Baby above and stream the track below.