While Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion fans embraced the rappers’ unstoppable force in their new “WAP” video and single, not everyone felt the same way.

James P. Bradley, a Republican running for a Congressional seat in California, took to Twitter to criticize Cardi and Megan for their provocative lyricism. He also wrote that he “accidentally” heard the song. "Their new 'song' The #WAP (which i heard accidentally) made me want to pour holy water in my ears and I feel sorry for future girls if this is their role model!” Bradley tweeted.

This, of course, was a take that fans never asked for—and they were quick to respond to Bradley’s commentary, particularly since he said he “accidentally” listened to the song.

Bradley wasn’t the only politician who took issue with “WAP.” Former Republican Congressional candidate DeAnna Lorraine called the song “vile” and said the rappers are “completely wrong” if they think the song does “anything to empower women.”

Fans called out Lorraine for her hypocritical commentary, especially since she was talking about empowering women while undercutting the work of two Black women.