Toronto-based recording artist Bebeboy has been busy making new tracks for you to nod to, and we’ve got the exclusive on the newest project, 2SWEET, right here. 

Complex covered the rapper a couple years ago, back when he was an up-and-comer in TO with a taste for high-end clothing and colourful hair. He earned a name for himself through catchy tracks like "Huh?!" and a relentlessly energetic vibe to the music and his persona.

Two years later and he’s still at it, funky hair and all, arguably with even more flow. The latest album, 2SWEET, is led by the single "CASHY," produced by New York-based Dee B. Its music video was shot in Toronto and directed by Leo Lewin and Nino Luey. 

But Toronto does more than play background to "CASHY." The city is what inspired Bebeboy to make this album, which debuts today.  

“I'm really pushing to paint my city different so Toronto can feel and hear something different,” the artist told Complex Canada. “I wasn't hearing the music that I wanted to hear from the industry and I wanted to do something a lot more colourful and different... The theme behind the album was to pretty much make a colour hard-hitting project—like a colourful trap, if I had to give it a genre.”

Stream the new album below.

And while his goal with 2SWEET is to give TO something new to listen to, he also wanted this album to appeal more to women than his previous music.  

“I definitely wanted to inspire the females with this album,” he says. “When I was making it, I just remember thinking to myself: I want to make music for women. I wanted females to enjoy the project. 2SWEET was pretty much created of the thought of making music for women.”

That intent is clear on tracks like "Touch Me," "Raining," and "Want Me A Little," which showcase his range as a writer, rapper, singer, and producer. Check out the video for "Touch Me," which also dropped today, below.

"I'm just excited for people to hear 2SWEET,” he says. “I put all my energy into it, came from the heart and soul. "Raining" was produced by me, that one holds a close place… I was going through it with a girl—found out things I didn’t want to find out. I was in the studio one day and I just needed to express myself in every way from production to lyrics. I don't think I would have found a producer to capture my vibe at that moment, so I took it upon myself to see it through to the end.”                                                                     

Still, anyone who likes methodical rhythms and fresh lines spat by a unique voice is probably going to be into Bebeboy’s latest drop. It’s the kind of creative, original, end-of-summer music you wait for and then stay up late at night listening to, whether you’re into pink hair or not. 

“I really just want people to listen to the music before they even make a judgement on who I am and what I bring,” he says. “I want the art to speak for itself. I want people to fall in love with the album and then they can fall in love with me, because, for the album, it was such a story that I was telling that I felt like I needed to express that and let people hear what I was going through, so they can relate.”