The Griselda Blanco of Griselda, Armani Caesar, has linked with teammate Benny the Butcher to deliver her label introduction with "Simply Done."

Armani tackles an instrumental provided by DJ Premier with the same precision fans have come to expect from Griselda artists. 

"Let me get on my slick shit/Y'all n***as been on some bitch shit/I'm blanking out on all of these dipshits," she raps. "My n***as sharpshooters aiming to click/I ain't talking no Twitpic/I get in the booth and I rip shit."

After Armani's verse loads the bases, the Butcher comes in to bat clean-up. As fans have come to expect, Benny twists his drug-dealing tales into braggadocio rhymes that don't disappoint. 

"Oh yeah I'm giving out pressure/Fiends remember me from the block giving out testers/Never giving out extras," Benny spits. "Godfather shit, I still might do the shooting/The graveyard in my city like a high school reunion...Strap around the chop, we got army tools/All these goons and guns stashed in the kitchen and the laundry room."

Like Griselda's co-founder, Armani Caesar is from Buffalo, New York. "Simply Done" might be her first solo release on the label, but she's made appearances on Griselda projects like Westside Gunn's "Lil Cease" from his Flygod Is an Awesome God 2 mixtape.

Listen to "Simply Done" above.