50 Cent told fans he was taking a break from Instagram after one of his posts was removed for violating community guidelines.

On Friday afternoon, the multi-hyphenate shared a screenshot of the notice, which explained that the content was taken down "for bullying or harassment." At the bottom right corner of the message, you can see a still shot of the post in question, which shows a woman in a thong bikini bending over while sitting on the ground. The content of the video is unclear, but several Instagram users attempted to explain it in the comments section.

"All I remember is she was trying to karate chop the board with her ass," one person wrote, "... so yeah that's that's not normal."

50 was also confused about Instagram's decision to remove the post: "I don’t understand this, why am i getting this?" he captioned the screenshot. "[It] says the post is removed for bullying 👀but the post is still on my page. ok time to take a break from IG."

In the hours since he announced his Instagram break, 50 has shared a couple of posts: one of his son, Sire Jackson, and another that touted the high ratings for his ABC legal drama For Life. If he's still planning to take a hiatus, it wouldn't be the first time.

Last year, Fif announced he had deactivated his Instagram account because he "liked Twitter better." In 2018, he said he was quitting the platform because of censorship issues.

Friday's announcement arrives just days after 50 claimed Instagram was also shadow-banning him. He pointed to his follower count as proof.