T.I. continues to try to bait 50 Cent into accepting his Verzuz challenge. But, just in case 50 decides not to tussle with him, Tip made it clear that he's ready to challenge any rapper from New York. Tip's seemingly confrontational tone sparked Fat Joe's interest, moving him to interject himself into the conversation to see why T.I. is at odds with the five boroughs.

On Friday night, Fat Joe hosted an IG Live session with Tip for The Fat Joe Show. During the conversation that was mysteriously removed from Instagram, T.I. let it be known that he has no problem with 50. He's just giving 50 a taste of his own medicine. 

"I ain’t go no problem with him," Tip told Fat Joe. "It's his catalog that I got an issue with. I want to kill his catalog." 

Yet, it seems like 50 isn't interested in playing this game. Instead of accepting Tip's 24-hour challenge, 50 responded with trolls and comments. Tip feels like this means Fif is scared, but he's ready to squabble with any artist from New York City. 

"In a minute I’mma move on to something else," T.I. said. "Aight he’s scared. I ain’t tripping. It is still my brother. I love him."

But, 50's trolling was impactful. Fif resurfaced the snitching allegations that have followed Tip since 2008. Fuel was added to the fire when T.I.'s infamous Crime Stoppers video came into question. “👀why you make me do this Neega @michaelblackson voice 😆This the first song i’m a play you so Tuff T.O.S #bransoncognac#lecheminduroi.”

Now, Tip is being forced to explain his situation rather than focusing on comparing their music. T.I. told Fat Joe that the video was part of the plea deal and he reluctantly did it.

"One of the community service mandates was this commercial," T.I. explained. "Mind you, what they wanted me to do was to stand in front of some police and shit ... So, it got down to the last day before I had to turn in my thousand hours and motherfuckers were like 'You still gotta do this drop.' So, I did the drop. Tip has never gave any information to any law enforcement to get any man any amount of time, period."

Later, Tip justified his decision. "This is what I was speaking to, I was speaking to civilians, nigga. Nigga if you a civilian nigga and you see a motherfucker breaking in a motherfuckin' old lady house and that old lady got raped, beat up, robbed, or a kid missing or some shit like that, nigga if you ain't finna go out and handle that shit yourself nigga, you gon' have to goddamn get some authorities involved at some point and time."

"And any nigga that think I'm a rat, knock my nose off when you see me nigga," Tip added. "Nigga, shoot me in the head if you think I'm a motherfucking rat."

Tip also detailed why he gets to carry the title "King of the South."

"Because I said so," T.I. answered. "And ain't nobody dispute it successfully. I defended my title time and time again. It's simple. Out rap me, kick my ass, or goddamn show me that I ain't dope."