Thundercat has finally come full-circle, because he's behind an original song for Cartoon Network's new reboot of ThunderCats. The Los Angeles musician, who has worked with everyone from Kendrick Lamar to Mac Miller, has contributed a new song entitled "Grune's Tune" to ThunderCats: Roar. Coincidentally, the villain Grune is also the character that Thundercat himself has provided the voice acting for.

"I remember my mum used to have to pull me back from the TV because like between He Man, ThunderCats and Silverhawks, it was like I got closer to the screen," said Thundercat upon announcing his involvement with the series at a Comic-Con@Home panel. "As soon as the cats got on screen I was like ‘wow, cat people’ and it started there."

Later on in the panel, he actually revealed how he got the nickname Thundercat, too. "It became a name that was given to me because in the middle of working on stuff anytime somebody needed to find me, my friends would go ‘Find the guy with the ThunderCats shirt,'" he explained. "The first people to call me Thundercat genuinely were between my friends, at the time they were a duo, J*Davey, and Erykah Badu, and Sa-Ra Creative Partners. And they would all start referring to me as Thundercat."

Listen to "Grune's Tune" and check out the full Comic-Con@Home panel above.

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