Following the release of the animated video for the "In Your Eyes" remix featuring Doja Cat, the Weeknd has dropped an anime-style clip for his After Hours highlight "Snowchild."

Directed by D'Art Shtajio studio, the first black-owned animation studio in Japan, the video follows Abel Tesfaye through various periods of his career as the Weeknd. From House of Balloons to After Hours, the "Snowchild" visual represents each of his distinctive looks throughout his discography. There's even a flashy, neon-soaked fight scene for good measure, later taking on a darker tone as he grimaces in the darkness. It's a distinctively different look to the "In Your Eyes" remix video, which took on more of a low-poly CG art style, recalling '90s games.

Alongside the release of the video, the Weeknd announced he'll be lending his voice to the upcoming Season 10 finale of Robot Chicken on July 26. Earlier this year, he made an appearance as himself in an episode of American Dad that he also co-wrote. The installment depicted him as significantly different than his real life persona, and included him singing a song about abstinence. He previously indicated he would be down to show up on The Simpsons, too, calling a guest appearance on the long-running sitcom part of his "bucket list." While it's unclear if he'll get a Simpsons cameo, it's certain he's eager to appear in more animated series down the line.

Watch the video for "Snowchild" above.