Mykki Blanco has spoken out against Universal Music and Teyana Taylor's team after they revealed they hadn't been paid for their contributions to "WTP." In a series of tweets, Mykki revealed that they had not been paid for their contributions to the K.T.S.E. album, on which they appeared on "WTP" and allegedly wrote Kanye's verse for "Hurry."

"Universal Music thinks making me wait 2 years for proper credit and a simple feature fee payment is okay. They think I am a small artist with 'inconsequential' reach," wrote Mykki on Twitter. "Please stop streaming @TeyanaTaylor's 'WTP.' Don't stream it ever again. The whole situation is a lie. I wrote on and co-produced this track as well as writing the verse that Kanye literally raps on 'Hurry.' Is that a big accomplishment to write for other artists no. The reason I have gone public with this is not to bad mouth @TeyanaTaylor."

After Mykki made light of the unpaid royalties for their contributions, Teyana Taylor responded to the accusations with her own tweets. "ALL of it falls on Kanye because he put Mykki on the song," said Taylor. Kanye West executive-produced the record, which was part in a series of weekly albums from G.O.O.D. Music that also included his own record Ye. "I had no clue [Mykki Blanco] was on the song until they played it for me the day before my album release party," Taylor added, explaining that she initially wanted Dashaun Wesley on the track. She also misgendered Mykki Blanco, who goes by she/they pronouns. 

"I have two years worth of emails from your side literally ignoring my manager, ignoring my business manager/accountant, and ignoring my lawyer," Mykki responded in all-caps. "Teyana, don't play me, this DOES NOT ALL FALL ON KANYE. Just own your side and move on." 

After passing the blame to Kanye West for the situation, Taylor also urged her fans to stop streaming "WTP." "Ima end it like this. Real simple. STOP STREAMING 'WTP,'" she tweeted. "@UMG @kanyewest pay her and keep me out of the drama. I don't bother anybody. I'd like to continue my unproblematic life in peace." Additionally, she claimed that she was not aware that Mykki attempted to contact her throughout the whole ordeal.

Ultimately, she said that even though she didn't like how Mykki handled the situation, she "will make sure the LABEL get you paid."