Logic recently dropped his final studio album No Pressure, and during an extensive interview with Hard Knock TV he spoke about his issues with the Grammys. Shortly after premiering No Pressure on Twitch earlier this month, Logic gave his own version of an acceptance speech, claiming the awards show was "on some fuck shit."

Speaking about his take on the Grammys further, he explained that he thinks hip-hop shouldn't occupy just one category due to all the subgenres. 

"That’s another thing that that really makes me sad, is me, Tyler, the Creator, Cardi B, Polo G, Doja Cat, fucking, we should not be in the same category at the Grammys,” said Logic in the second portion of the interview, as Genius pointed out. "I really believe that. That doesn’t mean that any one of us is superior or less than the other person, it means we all make different music, we just make different music. But they just put us all together in hip-hop or whatever the case may be. It’s like, yo that’s bullshit."

Logic went on to highlight that rock music is often granted special treatment with labels such as indie rock, grunge, and shoegaze, but hip-hop isn't. "It’s low key like, ‘Oh, y'all just wanna put the n***as together,'" he continued. "Like I’m just gonna be real, like that’s all it is. Like you’re just gonna put it together, and you’re not gonna fucking accept that we also have our subgenres within this? I mean, shit, look at fucking techno, EDM, even in electronic music there’s so many different subgenres. And I don’t believe that we are listed the way that we should be because each of those artists are unique and in their own lane which I think is really cool. It’s just not fair."

It's worth highlighting that while indie rock and grunge don't get a category separate to rock, there is a Best Metal Performance category. EDM and techno, meanwhile, are both included under the vague "Dance" category. Recently, the Grammys revealed that it would no longer use the "Urban" descriptor, which Logic said he agreed with although they should have done it a lot sooner.

Elsewhere in the interview, Logic spoke about his experience being a father, his addiction to social media, and why he decided to retire from music.

In the third part of the interview, he opened up about the era divide in hip-hop, highlighting how someone like Roddy Ricch would come up off of Future rather than Biggie. 

Watch the interview in full above.