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Lil Uzi Vert continues his reign of terror by lacing A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie and Don Q with a verse for their single "Flood My Wrist."  

The video dropped on Wednesday, featuring A Boogie, Don Q, and Lil Uzi showing the various aspects of life as a rapper. For Uzi's verse, he decides to take over a strip club. The festivities spill over into the parking lot as he delivers his bars.

"I'm so rich, I could bust down a whole 'nother wrist," Lil Uzi raps. "I drive my double R with a stick/When I go to club make it rain/When you go to the club make it mist. ... I got me a brand new Patek all on my—just to show you n***s what time it is."

A Boogie touches on the trials of tour life as he croons the song's chorus from inside a chartered bus. But not to be outshined by Uzi and Boogie, Don Q delivers a verse that helps bring the track together. 

"That's my bitch so she make my dip/Flooded AP so she match my wrist/I don't think I ever seen an ass that big," Don raps. "Sent on the road, better have my split/Put her by the stove, make her bag my zips." 

"Flood My Wrist" follows the release of A Boogie's Artist 2.0 deluxe album and seemingly sets the stage for Highbridge the Label's next steps. 

Watch the video for "Flood My Wrist" above.