Young Buck was released from jail last month, and ever since he's gotten out, he hasn't minced his words regarding his former G-Unit bandmate 50 Cent. In a recent interview with Adam 22 of No Jumper, Buck even said that 50 Cent impeded the success of G-Unit members of solo artists. In another new interview with B High ATL, Buck spoke about how the issues between them started, and suggested that Fif's online trolling has become played out.

"We had a falling out once," Buck said at the 40:25-mark of the interview, explaining that 50 didn't like him being on good terms with people he personally had a problem with. Despite the initial protests on his part, these people that Fif took issue with, he still hangs out with today, Buck said. He also implied that 50 Cent would create issues with different artists, and then leave his G-Unit bandmates to deal with the aftermath. "A lot of different issues was with folks that we had so called problems with," he added. "I was basically left to fight the wars that was there, because he was somewhere out the wait."

The conversation then shifted to 50 Cent's attitude, which includes "speaking down on folks," which Buck said is all part of his former friend's "entertainer" schtick. "That shit is kind of playing out and running thin with folk," he continued. "It's becoming watered down, and it takes away from the essence of what it is." Despite all the smack talk from 50 Cent, Buck said that he doesn't have the music to back up all his trolling.

"That's why I respect Rick Ross," he said, "Because even though we had issues... no matter what them n***as was doing they kept the music going." Not holding back on his thoughts on 50 Cent's musical impact as of late, he said most people couldn't name a track from him that came out in the past "five, six years."  Ultimately, he thinks that 50 Cent surrounds himself with "yes men," and is "egotistical." 

50 recently talked about his former cohorts in his memoir, saying that Buck and Tony Yayo didn't reach their full potential.

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