SD and Brian Fresco create a Chicago connection with “Aretha.”

For this track, Fresco and SD slide over an instrumental that's co-produced by Pi’erre Bourne and Marvin Cruz with lyrics that describe their unconventional love lives. 

SD and Brian Fresco are integral members of two of the more notable movements to come out of Chicago. At a time when the city was relatively quiet outside of mainstream acts like Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco, Chief Keef and GBE helped revive the Chicago music scene. SD was Keef’s captain during his rise to stardom. Although he parted ways with the camp to focus on his own work, SD still considers Keef his brother. 

After GBE, OTF, and other movements broke through, almost every rapper wanted to ride this drill wave. While it was important to show the underbelly of the city, the influx became overwhelming. This created a lane for SaveMoney to squeeze into the game and display a more fun and artistic—but still potent—side of Chicago. Fresco was an original member of this collective that helped spark the career of big-name acts including Chance the Rapper, Vic Mensa, and others. 

Together, Fresco and SD are putting together an LP titled Muddbruddas. The project will release independently on July 31 and show how closely these two movements are related. 

“The album with me and SD really happened organically we use the same engineer and we would always bump into each other in between sessions I think DC (the engineer) knew what he was doing lol he was always putting us right before and after each other so we would almost have to bump into each other,” Fresco explained. “He wanted to do something different to transcend his name and change the way everyone looked at him and I was trying to do the same thing in the opposite way. We both wanted to show how we can give the best of both worlds.”

Listen to “Aretha” and see the Muddbruddas tracklist below.

1. "Duckin" (Prod. by 808 Mafia)
2. "Folk Nem" (Prod. by Derrick Sounds)
3. "Teef Gold" f/ Caleb James (Prod. by CashMoney AP)
4. "Harley" (Prod. by KE on the Track)
5. "On It" (Prod. by Smoko Ono)
6. "Pimp C" (Prod. by KE on the Track)
7. "Be on It" (Prod. by DSB Beats)
8. "Aretha" (Prod. by Pi’erre Bourne and Marvin Cruz)
9. "Bankroll" (Prod. by Mondo ona Beat)
10. "Baggies" (Prod. by Ludlow)
11. "Too Cool" (Prod. by Will a Fool)
12. "Gun Away" (Prod. by Avery on the Track)