B. Simone, whose book Baby Girl: Manifest the Life You Want was recently found to include multiple instances of plagiarism, is now being publicly defended by Meek Mill.

In a series of tweets on Sunday, Meek asked why she was being "canceled" for having "finessed a book" when—in his opinion—major corporations could be met with the same fate for "ripping our culture off."

From there, Meek questioned those who have been critical of the plagiarism by pointing out what he characterized as lyrical hypocrisy, among other points of comparative interest. And later, he explained that he didn't look into "what she really did" before his comments, but was instead making a broader point:

As the examples of plagiarized portions from the book started going viral over the weekend, a B. Simone rep responded in an Instagram comment by placing blame on a design company. According to Mz Skittlez, Simone's manager, a lawsuit is in progress.