Harlem rapper Max B might still be behind bars until 2025 at the latest, but that hasn't stopped him from putting out another new project. 

Named after his birthname, Charly is the rapper's first release since last year's House Money EP. Featuring his previously released single "Goodman," the six-track effort features a picture of him as a baby with his parents. The project doesn't include any features, but it does have a sequel to his song "Porno Music," which is now over a decade old. 

"I wanted to give the fans and the people of the world something that would make them feel good in this time of turmoil. CHARLY is my growth," Max B stated regarding the new EP. "It’s the man, the artist, the CEO, the Eloquent Music God, the father, the lover, all in one place. Charly is the creator of Max Biggaveli, Don Biggaveli, Wavy Crocket. See, in order to become creative in my position, I had to morph into these different characters just so that I can do the type of music we all love." 

Listen to Charly in full above or on Apple Music, and read Complex's December 2019 interview with Max B here.