Earlier this week, J. Cole shared "Snow on tha Bluff," and very quickly it was assumed that he was addressing Chicago rapper Noname on the song. Many were critical of the lyrics on the track, including Chance the Rapper and Earl Sweatshirt among others, and not too long after Noname addressed the controversy on the Madlib-produced "Song 33." Many have offered their thoughts on the situation, and now Bun B has become the latest to weigh in.

"I've known J. Cole for many years now. I've been a fan of Noname since 'Lost,'" he wrote in a note he shared on Instagram. "I think both of their voices are extremely vital. While I understand the very human need to defend yourself and your position, I don't want us to diver our attentions from what's at the core of our cultural conversation right now. If we have issues with someone or need clarity on something, let's try to have that conversation behind closed doors. We don't need to choose sides right now. Because we are all in this together."

Among those to express their support for Bun B's message on Instagram were Slim Thug, 9th Wonder, and Eve.

On Noname's track "Song 33," she addressed Cole and highlighted how he felt the need to address her while much more important topics are being discussed right now. "Snow on tha Bluff" was praised by some fans, but many accused Cole of policing Noname's tone. Cole hasn't directly responded to "Song 33," but he did share a link to the track on his Twitter.

"I scrolled through her timeline in these wild times, and I started to read/She mad at these crackers, she mad at these capitalists, mad at these murder police," Cole raps on the song, closing out one of the verses by stating "something about the queen tone" bothers him.

"He really 'bout to write about me when the world is in smokes," Noname replied on her track. "There's people in trees when George was beggin' for his mother/Saying he couldn't breathe, you thought to write about me?"