Tory Lanez, who's a newly independent artist following his deal expiring with Interscope, has just released his latest single "Temperature Rising." The track delivers a sound that feels similar to what Tory regularly harnesses in his Chixtape series, a sensual and slow track meant to be played in a self-quarantine you're sharing with somebody else. 

Tory has made it abundantly clear that he feels happy and liberated to be out of his previous deal with Interscope. His previous record deal was a point of contention for him and a topic of conversation in his track "Letter To The City 2" off his last studio album under the label, The New Toronto 3. He also doesn't appear to be interested in signing to any other record labels for the time being as well, previously saying that "there's so many labels offering me so much money, like millions of dollars. I've gotten offers that are life-changing offers, but I don't care. I already own my masters and publishing and everything. So I don't see any reason to give that to somebody else."

But despite old label drama, the Quarantine Radio party continues. Following the widely popular Instagram Live series that he started back when self-quarantine began, Tory has now leveled up and inked a deal with Youtube to deliver the Social Distancing Tour, an interactive live-stream experience that's viewable exclusively through Youtube. Tory kicked off the tour in the beginning of May, and "Temperature Rising" is sure to make his setlist soon.

You can stream "Temperature Rising" below via Spotify or over on Apple Music. You can also listen to the track up top through YouTube.