Tinashe is being sued by an Australian producer and artist in connection with the track "Save Room for Us," taken from her 2019 album Songs for You.

The suit comes from William Kissas (a.k.a. Will K) and names both Tinashe and "Save Room for Us" collaborator MAKJ, per the Blast's report. Both are accused of copyright infringement and fraudulent misrepresentation. 

Will K claims that he "was in contact with MAKJ" in February 2019, at which point he sent over some material via Dropbox amid MAKJ's own preparations for sessions with Tinashe. According to the suit, there was some sort of an agreement regarding the possibility of Will K's material being used, with Wednesday's report alleging that this agreement included the stipulation that a production credit and compensation would be given.

"The Infringing Song, due to the acts of Defendants, copies, reproduces, and duplicates key structural elements, themes, and motifs of the Original Work, which serve as the backbone of the Infringing Song's structure and motif," Will K's suit alleges. Will K also claims to have previously spoken with MAKJ about sorting out this alleged discrepancy, though the song is said to have ultimately been released without any movement in that department.

Now, Will K is requesting an injunction that would prohibit Tinashe from being allowed to continue selling the track. He's also asking for unspecified damages, all profits made by the defendants, and attorney fees.

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