As Tekashi 6ix9ine prepares to release another single next week, the Dummy Boy artist called on his massive following for a little assistance. 

On Saturday afternoon, the polarizing rapper returned to Instagram to announce he had yet to name the forthcoming record. 6ix9ine told fans he would title the track after the "most liked comment," and, to no one's surprise, the suggestions began flooding in. Among the most popular titles were "The Snitcha," "Snitch 9ine," "Ratata," "El Chapo," and "Taco"; However, the one that got the most love was 6ix9ine's own suggestion of "Trollz." Very fitting.

A couple of hours after he called on fans to chose the title, 6ix9ine posted an Instagram video in which he bragged about his comeback and taunted all of his critics.

"Y'all really thought it was over. I know when I was locked up, y'all prayed every night: 'God, please. God, please, don't let him come home and be lit again,'" he said. "Y'all wasting prayers ... Instead of wasting prayers on another man's downfall, y'all should pray for a career."

He captioned the video, "THIS FRIDAY ⭐️TROLLZ🌸 ANOTHER ONE," suggesting the song's title had been selected.

The single will mark 6ix9ine's second release since he got out of prison last month, following the Harald Hjermann Srobo and Jahnei Clarke-produced "Gooba." The song debuted at No. 3 on the Hot 100, but 6ix9ine has promised fans his next hit will take the top spot.