Raleigh Ritchie, everyone's favourite pop-R&B crooner/actor from Bristol, is back with his brand new single, "Aristocrats", which is his first new release since 2018's "Time In A Tree". Produced by Chris Loco, who provides an earworm concoction of orchestral strings, cantering percussion, and head-bopping bass, Raleigh flips the script on what some might deem to be 'true' Britishness, and this is reflected in his self-directed visuals as he sits alongside a group of black people in place of what would have typically been seen as white aristocracy.

Speaking with Complex via email, Raleigh told us: "British history is complicated, especially as a POC, and history is everything! It's what we learn from to help us build our future. Back in school, I didn't learn much about British history aside from the country's victories and a version of some of its atrocities. Sometimes it's a confusing place, and although I love my country, I don't always feel loved by it. With this video, I wanted to explore this and my relationship to my own history and the history of those who came before me."

"Aristocrats" will feature on Raleigh Ritchie's upcoming second album, Andy, which is slated for a summer 2020 release. For now, though, watch the video exclusively above and be sure to add the song to your playlists.