Bristol-born singer/songwriter Raleigh Ritchie is officially a triple threat: he sings, he acts (in some of your favourite TV series), and can now add video director to his skill-set of proven greatness.

Last month saw the 28-year-old artist—born Jacob Anderson—release his new single "Time In A Tree", the first from his upcoming, as-yet-untitled sophomore LP. Describing the track, Raleigh said it's about "needing some peace" and "time away from your own mind"; here we see a man comfortable enough in his own skin to share his struggles with finding inner happiness, in a world where validation from others has almost become paramount. 

Speaking about his self-directed visuals for "Time In A Tree", Ritchie told Complex: "The lift in the video represents the different landmarks of your life, maybe even your whole life. Sometimes you might want nothing more than to be a 7-year-old again—or maybe you're afraid to grow up; it all just seemed so simple back then. But what if you could take the best bits from those ages, use it to build on the person you're scared of becoming, and become the person that you want to be?"

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