After dropping his Jay-Z sampled "Big Bag" freestyle on us last week, Manchester rapper Meekz is back to share visuals for his Can't Stop Won't Stop project's title track. "Can't Stop Won't Stop" is all slow-building crud on wax, the production giving the subtle keys the limelight they deserve before the cannoning 808s come in to play.

Telling a tale of life on the roads and how life has slowly begun to change since music took off, Meekz lets us know he's got big plans to make things easier for himself and those close to him. The visuals stay in keeping with the army theme shown in the "Big Bag" video, but on a bigger scale; Meekz and crew can be seen cruising around a military base, on tanks, and with a whole load of weaponry in tow.

With Can't Stop Won't Stop dropping imminently (and with a Giggs feature being teased on Instagram recently), things are about to heat up for the 0161 native.

Watch the "Can't Stop Won't Stop" video above, and check out the pre-released tracks below.