Maxo Kream is making no apologies for his recent physical altercation that was caught on camera.

Newly released footage showed Maxo fighting fellow Houston rapper Rizzoo Rizzoo in a packed parking lot. As noted by XXL magazine, it's unclear what prompted the altercation, but considering the dozens of onlookers, many suspect the incident wasn't spontaneous. 

Hours after the video appeared on social media, Maxo took to Instagram to provide a little insight into what went down. Though he didn't explain his beef with Rizzoo Rizzoo, he insists they handled it "like men" and avoided a potentially deadly situation. 

"What happened was, two young black met up for a disagreement and got it off their chest. It wasn't supposed to get to the internet ... when you do gangsta shit, ain't supposed to get to the internet. But I'mma big homie ... We got a problem, pull up and squabble. We didn't pick up the guns ... Me being from Houston, bro, and being that a lot of n***as really die out here, and they be looking up to Trigga Maxo music ... I'm like, 'Fuck that shit. Let's squabble like men. Put the guns down and put the fists up' ... Y'all bitch-ass n***as nowadays wouldn't do that, 'cause y'all n***as supporting snitches and picking up guns. Y'all n***as would rather catch attempted murder before you catch an ass whooping."

He then touched on the senseless gun violence that has plagued hip-hop before ending the video with a "salute" to Rizzoo.

You can hear his full comments below.