Episode 2 of Lil Wayne's Young Money Radio was eventful, to say the least, with the Young Money head honcho talking with a diverse pallet of guests including Drake, Stephen A. Smith, Shaquille O'Neal, DJ Khaled, Jalen Hurts, and Chennedy Carter.

During the episode, Wayne talked to Drake about how so much of their music used to get leaked back in the day. "For me, it was always getting my cars washed," Wayne reminisced about how his music used to magically leak back in the late 2000s. "Where the CD's being left in the player, that's how it always happened, bro, to me. A valet guy or something." 

The two laughed about how often they would see their music make it's way to the public without a proper release, back during a time where leaks were much more prevalent than today. They would go on to talk about how much Wayne has influenced Drake in terms of teaching him how to be a good father, the time he played "Lollipop" for him and Kobe Bryant while getting a tattoo, and a possible collaborative project between the two of them in the future. 

In the same episode, Wayne also talked to Shaq about his own lowkey-but-not-lowkey music and DJ career. 

"You will always be in my top 2 rappers," Shaq said about Wayne. "Cause see, back when we were coming up it [was] all about lyrics, and you're still the only one thats kicking lyrics."

The NBA legend went on to talk about his own foray into music, and how he got to work with the Notorious B.I.G. on his track "You Can't Stop the Reign."

"They sent me the beat three weeks early," Shaq said about making the song. "I was in there everyday cause, listen when you get on a track with a legend, you gotta come correct. So I went in there every day and changed it, and changed it, and changed it. And finally, I got it to where it was cool, so when he was coming down I was nervous, cause you know I had a studio in the house. And I said 'B.I.G., this is my verse.' I played it, he liked it. So now, I made it."

Shaq is also an OG Wayne fan, citing "Cannon" remix, "Go DJ," and even the newer"Don't Cry" featuring the late XXXTentacion as some of his favorite songs of his.

DJ Khaled also hopped on the phone with Wayne during episode 2 and talked about the time they were both in the studio and Wayne banged out 20 to 30 features in one day. 

"I always tell this story man, when you did "We Takin' Over" for me," DJ Khaled said. "I was in the studio with you, and you literally did at least 20 to 30 records in my face before we even did "We Takin' Over." You did all these features, and then you did "We Takin' Over" and "We Takin' Over" is probably, for me at least, is one of the best verses I've ever heard in my lifetime."

If anything, episode 2 of Young Money Radio made it abundantly clear that whoever Lil Wayne interacts with, an iconic story is sure to be born as well. You can watch clips from all of these conversations and others from this episode down below.