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The latest update to the Billboard Hot 100 brings with it confirmation of a new No. 1 song in the country, Megan Thee Stallion and Beyoncé's "Savage."

And as you may have spotted when and if you glanced the full charts update, previous No. 1 "Say So" is now listed solely under Doja Cat's name despite the hit remix featuring Nicki Minaj. Tucked into Billboard's breakdown on the new Hot 100 ranking on Tuesday was an explanation for this, with the charts team making it clear that this listing decision in no way affects "any of Minaj's achievements" on charts over the past two weeks.

Per Billboard, only Doja Cat is now listed due to the fact that the "majority of overall activity for the song" is now being driven by the original version taken from Doja's 2019 album Hot Pink.

Read the full mini-explainer below:

After two weeks of Minaj showing as a featured artist on "Say So" on the Hot 100 and other charts that utilize the same methodology, only Doja Cat is now listed, as the original version, without Minaj, is now driving the majority of overall activity for the song; the change does not affect any of Minaj's achievements on those charts the past two weeks, and she continues not to be credited on the song on any airplay charts, as the vast majority of the song's airplay is still for the original version.

Earlier this month, "Say So" bested "Savage" for the top spot on the Hot 100, marking both Doja and Nicki's first-ever No. 1's on the chart.