Drake is now known for causing a scene at sports events, especially when the Toronto Raptors are involved. Fresh off the release of his new compilation, Dark Lane Demo Tapes, Drizzy has given a look at how he might behave as a father on the sidelines watching his son Adonis play sports. Needless to say, he thinks he might get an official complaint if he were to witness Adonis pull off an impressive play.

On a video that showed a child score a goal in soccer and then point towards their father, Drake commented, "Nahhhhh if Adonis ever does this I'm for sure getting fined by the Calabasas Youth Soccer Foundation for making a scene." In the past, Drake has received criticism for his behavior at Raptors games, and he's now made it clear he'd behave just the same at any games Adonis would play in his future.

Just recently, Drake opened up about being a father when he appeared on the second installment of Lil Wayne's Young Money Radio. He spoke about sharing photos of Adonis for the first time, which he said was "great for me." He added, "It was great to just share that with the world and I just felt like ... It wasn't even anything I talked to anybody about or anything I planned. I just woke up one morning and I was like, you know what? This is just something that I want to do."

Adonis was born in October 2017, but Drake didn't officially reveal he was a father until he released Scorpion in June 2018.

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