In this time of uncertainty, or any crisis, there are a few things we can always rely on to keep us sane. Two of the most effective antidotes are music and our relationships. Taking that idea further is North London's Natty Wylah, whose new single "4 Siblings" (due tomorrow, April 24) unpacks the relationships that made him who he is today, whether they're blood related or not. Delivered in a meditative, breathy style, "4 Siblings" is the sort of hip-hop that effortlessly drowns out the noise of anxiety—due in no small part to the dusty, smoky production from NiNE8 Collective's multi-talented Mac Wetha. Simultaneously classic-sounding and future-facing, "4 Siblings" is a touching and thought-provoking reminder of just how strong Wylah's penmanship is.

"'4 Siblings' is an homage and a letter of reassurance to family," Natty Wylah tells Complex. "It's for siblings, where the conditions weren't ready for them to come into this world. It's for siblings that are not blood related, but are connected through the electromagnetic forces of spirit. It's a song that moves on. It encompasses a blueness but also an acceptance, and finally a message of gratitude, love and comfort in that no matter what happens, it's alright."