Post Malone's ubiquitous "Circles" is at the center of a new lawsuit.

Tyler Armes, per a TMZ report filed early Tuesday, claims that he linked up with Posty and producer Frank Dukes back in August 2018 at the behest of Posty's manager. The suit alleges this session ultimately resulted in what would later become known to the world as "Circles," the third single off Hollywood's Bleeding.

Specifically, according to court documents cited in the report, Armes claims he "co-wrote the chords and the bass line for the song," as well as contributed to the main guitar melody. The suit also claims negotiations were in progress in August 2019, the month of the song's release, with Armes alleging he was pushing for a better deal than the offered 5 percent of publishing and no public writing credit.

Now, Armes is suing with the aim of getting a co-writer credit and a cut of royalties both past and future. Per a quick ASCAP dive, the listed writers on the song are as follows:

  • Louis Russell Bell
  • Adam King Feeney
  • Kaan Gunesberk
  • Austin Richard Post
  • William Thomas Walsh

Anyway, while we wait to see how this shakes out, why not inundate your ears with "Circles" being mashed up with some MCR: