Lil Uzi Vert has mercifully teased even more new music amid what some fans believe is a feud of sorts with Playboi Carti.

The track was teased in a tweeted clip by Uzi late Sunday and features production by Oogie Mane and Clibbo. Though Uzi himself has not confirmed this, some fans have speculated that the teased track is titled "Just Meh," basing their speculation off Uzi's previous teasing of dropping something new on Monday. 

Furthermore, Uzi previously shared a take on Carti's "@ MEH" cover art with the caption "Just Meh."

Carti also teased something for Monday, though it's not clear what exactly either artist was referencing at the time of this writing.

And while some are indeed positing this all as part of a true feuding between the two frequent collaborators, longtime fans of either artist will note that both have a proven record of knowing exactly how to bend media attention to their will. Both Uzi and Carti, for example, benefited from teasing fans with drops that were starting to feel like outright improbabilities, only to make good on their word (in one way or another) by sharing something new just as speculative hype was starting to peak.

Regardless of how things in the Eternal Atake/Whole Lotta Red era ultimately shake out, it's hard not to still hold out hope for a revival of that The Damned-influenced mixtape Uzi and Carti were teasing back in 2017.