French Montana took to Twitter late on Tuesday night to revisit comments he made while speaking to Complex News' Speedy Morman and to reiterate that he feels he can go "neck to neck" with Kendrick Lamar.

During the aforementioned chat, French said that he "might outshine" Kendrick if they were both to headline a festival together. "I mean, honestly, I could go against anybody. You could put somebody like Kendrick Lamar next to me on the same stage at a festival," French said during the interview. "I might outshine him... not because I'm a better rapper or whatever it is. It's just that I got more hits. Kendrick Lamar got albums. He got masterpieces. But if you was to put us on the festival stage, I would outshine him because I have more hits than Kendrick Lamar."

French made the comments after he was asked about his IG Live battle with Tory Lanez and who he thought would be better for him to go up against. 

In his tweets, French reaffirmed his belief that he could go "neck to neck" with Kendrick in an IG Live battle. "It ain't my fault I believe in myself," he wrote. He added that he would say the same about any other artist. "Set it up," he closed out the tweets, seemingly referring to a potential Verzuz battle between the two artists on IG Live.