Brandon 'BDot' Armstrong made his rap debut last year after he built a name for himself with spot-on impressions of all-star NBA players. "League Him" saw Dot confidently announce himself as a rapper, and now he's back with another hard-hitting single. 

"'TOPMAN’ by definition means 'a sailor positioned in the sails of a ship, responsible for the setting of the sails'… ‘TOPMAN’ is a song about the direction of the ship (in this case the Rap Game) being shifted and set by myself and The Real Khiry," Dot said of the freshly released video for "Topman." 

"We’re changing the wave and the course of what 'the norm' is for artists," he continued. "Yes we’re American, but our talent isn’t just sheltered to only TRAP MUSIC. We’re versatile, crafty, talented, and like the TOPMAN of a ship, we’re responsible for setting the course the right way. OUR way and that’s what TOPMAN, the video and song, shows and explains. The line 'Beans in my pocket might sprout off… aye, WHAT’S POPPIN!' means we’re here, we’ve arrived and ain’t going nowhere anytime soon!"

Watch the video for "Topman" above.