Boosie Badazz has attracted a lot of negative attention in 2020 so far, but he's not looking to apologize anytime soon. In an appearance on The Breakfast Club via webcam, Boosie spoke about his wild Instagram Live sessions, his conspiracy theories regarding the coronavirus, and his comments regarding Dwyane Wade's transgender daughter Zaya.

At the 7:00 point of the interview, Boosie began to talk about Zaya, who he said is "fucking up my money." He was later asked by Charlamagne whether he was to apologize for what he said, to which he replied, "Nah... They already tried to do that. They were trying to hook up some shit with a meeting with JAY-Z." He added, "They say JAY-Z was gonna get him on the phone and all that shit, I need to apologize to save this, and save that. ... Hey, tell JAY-Z I don't wanna talk. I'm not apologizing for shit. I don't give a fuck if Jesus calling to get me to apologize. I said what I said, man. I felt that was right."

Shortly after Dwyane Wade appeared on Ellen to talk about Zaya coming out as transgender, Boosie criticized Wade's support in a transphobic rant. "Don't cut his dick off, bruh," he said. "He's 12 years old. He's not up there yet. He hasn't made his final decisions yet. You fucking trippin', dawg." After Boosie explained to The Breakfast Club that he wasn't going to apologize, Charlamagne advised him to "mind your business." 

Later in the interview he started to talk about how he threw a party at his "club," prompting Boosie to say he wasn't worried about the coronavirus. "I ain't tryin' to let this shit stress me out," he said. "This shit is controlled by the media," he added at 18:00. "It's like a flu, we need a vaccine."

After he received a warning from Instagram for hosting streams in which he paid women to get nude, he announced he would host a "Quarantine Adult Party Stream" at 10 p.m. on Monday. 

Watch the full interview above.