Tee Grizzley recently made his feelings clear when Royce da 5'9" said he told Eminem to wait to collaborate with the rising Detroit rapper, but Tee has gone on to say it's all just a misunderstanding.

Shortly after Em made the decision to wait a little longer, Grizzley dissed him on the song "No Talkin." Royce believes this was him burning bridges for no reason, and Grizzley voiced his frustration about the situation on Instagram. Now he says it's all "just a big misunderstanding."

In a brief interview with TMZ, Grizzley said, "So, shout out to Eminem, shout out to Royce. ... I talked to them, I talked Royce the other day. It was really just a big misunderstanding."

Tee joked that he definitely wants to be involved in "8 Mile 2" before adding that there's some collaborations coming soon. "Royce got a project on the way, I got a project on the way, and Em like the big dog in the city."

Grizzley hasn't had a chance to talk with Eminem directly just yet, and even if they don't get to hop on a track together "it's all love." When he addressed the situation on Instagram, he said he wanted to "squash this shit," which is assumedly what prompted Royce to reach out to him. "I fuck wit y’all man it’s all love," Tee Grizzley wrote.

Watch the interview with TMZ above.