Tee Grizzley Opens Up About Fatal Shooting of His Aunt

Jobina "JB" Brown, who was also Tee's manager, was shot eight times.

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Tee Grizzley has shed more light on the death of Jobina "JB" Brown, his aunt/manager who was fatally shot in Detroit this year.

During a sit-down with Bigg Dawg Blast, the "Satish" rapper detailed the events leading up to the Aug. 20 tragedy. Tee said the shooting occurred after a studio session, when he and JB drove to his cousin's house for a visit. As Tee explains, his aunt remained in the vehicle with his driver because she didn't want to go into his cousin's home as she feared it might be unclean. 

"I'm begging her to come in the house," he recalled. "... So I'm telling her to come in the house, but she like 'No.' JB was kind of funny acting about dirty houses and stuff like that. The house wasn't even dirty, but to her, she's just a real, real clean person."

After failing to convince his aunt, Tee made his way to his cousin's house and knocked on the side door. The rapper said it took a while for his family to answer, but as soon as someone came to let him in, he heard gun shots from behind.

"So I get down 'cause I'm thinking they about to come to the side and start shooting at me, and I didn't have [weapons] on me at the time," he said. "... So my cousin ran out with a gun or whatever and we ran out to the front to see what's goin' on ... Once we got in the front, [I see] my driver's gone."

Tee said he wasn't too worried about JB or his driver because he didn't see any glass on the street, and assumed the driver had sped off after hearing shots. But that sense of relief was quickly replaced with anger.

"So now I'm mad now," Tee recalled. "Like, 'Y'all heard them shots, why would y'all leave me over here? You could've called me and told me...' But my driver ended up calling me and telling me what happened."

According to Tee, the driver said someone had come up to the vehicle and opened the passenger door "trying to get at" Tee. The rapper said his aunt was then shot eight times on her side. Tee said JB didn't immediately die, and even called him as she was being taken to the hospital.

"I was tryin' to talk to her [but] I ain't hear what she was saying. She couldn't really form... words," he said. "But n***as were coming for me because they opened my door."

JB died at the hospital shortly after. Tee said he has no idea who was responsible for the shooting, stating "everybody was a suspect." He also said that he had considered taking revenge, but ultimately decided to let the police handle it. He also revealed that his family blamed him for JB's death.

"They feel like it should've been me. And it should've been, because it was for me," he explained. 

Tee had known JB, who was married to his uncle by blood, since he was 11 or 12. The artist said he had a strong connection to his aunt because she was the only family member who supported his rap dreams after his 2016 prison release.

"A lot of 'em just wouldn't take me serious. [They were] like, 'You better go get a job. What you tryin' to rap for?' and all this other stuff," he said. "She believed in me. She was the only one ... She quit her job to start managing me ... She was the only one I could trust for real."

You can check out Tee's full interview above.

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