Snoop Dogg is the guest on the latest episode of Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson's All the Smoke podcast. The extended conversation sees the Doggfather reflecting on a number of podcast-worthy topics, including his relationships with 2Pac and Biggie.

"When [2Pac] got out,  I was fighting a murder case," Snoop, around eight minutes in, told the hosts. "That's different. ... A life was lost. It's different. I was emotionally attached to that and I couldn't find myself being mad at n***as no more and havin' beef. And he wanted me to not like certain n***as and [be like] 'Fuck them n***as!' and I was like 'No, they didn't do nothing to me.'"

Bringing the topic of Suge Knight into the conversation, Snoop continued, noting that he actually wanted to get everyone together to set aside any possible differences, which is something he believes 2Pac also wanted prior to linking with Death Row.

"I could get us all in a room and we can get some understanding because I think we'd be better making money together. ... Stop pressing and learn how to be partners," Snoop recalled proposing.

Later, Snoop was asked to speak on what he believes Nipsey Hussle's legacy will become in the years ahead.

"Nipsey leaves a legacy of gangsterism, business, education, mentorship, and future just because he touched on everything that I spoke on and he knew it," Snoop said around 50 minutes into the interview.

From there, Snoop spoke on Nipsey's writing, ultimately reflecting on his own lyrics back in the 1990s. "Everybody else was writing [about] their death," he said. "Listen to my peers in '92 and '93. They all write about their death. Snoop Dogg the only one that didn't die 'cause he had a relationship with god."

Watch the full interview, which also sees Snoop recalling a certain weed-infused Golden State Warriors moment, up top.