Last Friday, gloriously-named duo Sad Night Dynamite released their debut EP SND 001. Now, just days later, and the pair are already back with a visual primer ahead of the release of the project's first single.

Taking influence from the world of hip-hop as well as sample-hunters like The Avalanches and classic film soundtracks. What that leaves us with is a hypnotising beat production with bubbling bass and more than a little jazz influence. Coupled with the rainy and faintly surreal video from director Will Hooper and the self-titled short film becomes the ideal primer for a duo whose first forays point to a career that should be long, fruitful and full of game-changing experimentation.

Speaking with Complex via email, the boys explained: "The short film for SND 001 serves almost as preface to us as a band," they explained over email. "We had written these relatively sparse beats which show glimpses of our first singles, so wanted to reflect that in the films: the narrative is open-ended, but hints at a larger story to come. Shooting in the Czech countryside was such a great opportunity and came about completely by chance. Very few of the cast spoke the same language as us, but I think they identified with the projects tone and darkness — we wanted the films to have a message whilst staying humorous. There's room left for interpretation, but we intend for this film to act as the beginning of a wider piece, as Sad Night Dynamite."