Having only made his official debut last year with The Calling EP and subsequent single "HERO aka Rich", South African singer James Deacon is back with his first outing of the year, "Reason".

Still building on the indie vibes of that first EP, "Reason" takes the funk influences that crept in on the project opener and turns them up a notch or two. The general tone is a more upbeat one, making restrained use of guitar licks to give the track an energetic bump, priming it perfectly for your summer playlists.

Speaking with Complex via email, Deacon explained: "'Reason' came about during a session in studio where I was messing around with some guitar lines and stumbled upon the main hook of the song that eventually became the chorus. My producer, Paul Gala and I wrote the entire track in one session and then tracked and recorded it the next day. Reason is my first real attempt at a love song. But for the most part I hate love songs because they all seem fake and like they talk about the same perfect relationship, but real people know that love isn't perfect or beautiful all the time and sometimes you need someone to pick up your pieces for you."

Although the festival circuit looks precarious this year, if Deacon does find himself on a festival stage in the near future, we can see this one going down very well.