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If the end of the work week had a sound, it would belong to FRIDAY NIGHT CRU.

The Kingston, Jamaica-hailing rapper duo, made up of Djavan 'KinDah' Warner and Damani 'Dash' Gardner, push a refreshing and eclectic style of music to the fore that often borrows from a variety of genres, and new single "Follow My Lead" is a perfect reflection of their global sound.

Inspired by a 2018 solo backpack trip that KinDah took to Australia and New Zealand, FNC began thinking about creating a song that explored travelling the world with a woman's love waiting on one's return. The result is a careful blend of rap, dancehall and Afrobeats wrapped up in a record featuring Tessellated and Amaarae. "'Follow My Lead' is more than just another record," FNC told Complex via email. "Sonically, it's an experience that takes your mind on a tropical vacation. In its purest form, it lends an idea towards escapism. We aim to transcend genres to bring our listeners a universal sound and Friday night vibe." 

Listen to "Follow My Lead" exclusively below.