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Machine Gun Kelly has returned with his new track “Bullets with Names,” featuring Young Thug, Lil Duke, and RJMRLA.

MGK is gearing up to drop his forthcoming album Tickets to My Downfall later this year. He’s revealed that while the project is a rock album, he hasn’t renounced rap music.

The song also includes a shot at Eminem, someone who MGK has been lyrically sparring with for some time. At the beginning of the track, he raps, “Killed me a goat so my jacket got stains on it/Wipin’ my nose like I got some cocaine on it/Pulled out his coffin and ate me a plate on it/Called up his bitch, showed my dick, let ’em lay on it.”

The rapper recently starred in a trailer for the drama/comedy Big Time Adolescence, which premiered at Sundance in 2019. The film also stars Pete Davidson, Griffin Gluck, Sydney Sweeney, and Jon Cryer, and is set to hit Hulu sometime this month.

You can watch the video above.