DaBaby has been cleared of a battery case in Miami.

TMZ reports that the Miami State Attorney’s Office has dropped the battery charge against the rapper, saying one of the purported victims wouldn’t cooperate. The alleged victim is friends with concert promoter Kenneth Carey, who was also involved in the incident.

While that charge has been thrown out, police are still looking into DaBaby allegedly robbing Carey, a charge which the rapper is still facing. Back in January, news surfaced that DaBaby allegedly robbed and beat up Carey on video. The other alleged victim can’t be seen in the footage.

During the scuffle, DaBaby and his crew assaulted Carey and stole his phone, money, and credit card over a business deal disagreement. The promoter was responsible for putting together a party for another rapper at a Miami nightclub. DaBaby said he would host it for $30,000, but was furious when Carey arrived at the venue with $20,000. The situation got sticky when the promoter told DaBaby he’d hand over the rest of the money at the end of the night.

Carey claims that he had to visit a doctor for his wounds. Carey’s suit against DaBaby is still active, and he’s asking for $6 million.

DaBaby later took to Instagram where he shared his side of the story about the incident and maintained his innocence. 

"Please stop talking to me about that weak ass 48 hours I spent in jail and that failed attempt to break my spirits & interrupt the path," DaBaby previously wrote. "Don't allow yourself to be used by janky promoters and lazy ass grown men itching for the opportunity to file a lawsuit that they won't win." He also went on to tease new music, "I encourage you all to kick back and relax and prepare yourselves for this new wave of music and entertainment I have prepared for you all."