From politics to pandemics, Cardi B stays on top of current events and has no problem sharing her opinions on the situations with her fans. Because of her personality, a lot of this information comes across in a hilarious way and sometimes leads to viral moments. This is exactly what happened when Cardi's coronavirus update got remixed into a quarantine hit. 

Cardi took to Instagram where she warned fans about the threat this virus poses. 

"A lot of you motherfuckers think it’s a joke like I was thinking, right? Just because you think you’re immune to it, guess what? Your pocket ain’t, bitch," Cardi said. "A lot of shit comes from motherfucking China, bitch. So if you’re wondering why your motherfucking weave or your Fashion Nova motherfucking packages haven’t arrived, guess what, bitch? Coronavirus! Coronavirus! I’m telling you, shit is real. Shit is getting real. Bitch, I'm scared."

Cardi's true, but still comedic, assessment of the coronavirus led to portions of the video becoming a meme.

After circulating the internet for a few days, DJ iMarkkeyz decided to add an instrumental to the clip and turn Cardi screaming "Coronavirus! ... Shit is getting real" into a looped track. 

It didn't take long for this track to end up on streaming services. Also, it's also becoming an anthem for people who are ignoring orders to social distance and are still out partying. 

Cardi started to notice the popularity of the track. She jokingly asked for her royalties while also promoting the single. 

Now, other DJs and producers are hopping on the wave. On Monday, DJ Snake turned Cardi B's coronavirus warning into an instrumental. 

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