The Millennium Tour 2020 is in full effect. Although things are seemingly going off without a hitch, leave it to Bow Wow to find a way to take an L. 

This weekend, footage surfaced of Bow Wow performing his verse on the "I Think They Like Me (Remix)." Midway through this iconic feature, Bow Weezy decided to start working the stage by running to one side and walking backward. Somehow, the rapper's leg went through the stage while he was walking backwards, leading to an abrupt pause in his set.

Of course, Bow Wow's close friend and immaculate troll, 50 Cent, couldn't let this footage cross his desk without throwing several jokes at Bow. Somehow, 50 got high-quality on-stage footage of Bow Wow's fall. He used this to once again ban Bow from attending his parties.

"Damn it man, BOW WOW can’t come to TYCOON," 50 wrote. "falling off the stage and shit. NAH stay home."