6ix9ine's former manager and Nine Trey Blood associate Kifano 'Shotti' Jordan was sentenced to 15 years in prison last year, but he doesn't appear to be holding any grudges. In an interview with YouTube account Black Mogul, the currently incarcerated Jordan offered his thoughts on the controversial rapper, who cooperated with authorities.

"I'm in here with most of my friends," said Jordan, who didn't speak that negatively of Danny "Tekashi 6ix9ine" Hernandez. "These dudes ain't have anything to do with what happened. We didn't come in here cause of this Danny guy. We came in here cause a quote-unquote gangsta didn't want to do the time for his shit. And the kid told. I'm not mad at him. I'm not mad at him." 

Immediately after, he was asked if he thought 6ix9ine was built for the lifestyle, to which Jordan made a comparison to Salvatore "Sammy the Bull" Gravano, who helped bring down mob boss John Gotti. "Did Gotti think Sammy the Bull was built like that?" he asked, to which it was asserted that it was "obvious" 6ix9ine wasn't.

"It's never obvious," he explained at the 9:10 mark of the interview. "You don't judge a person off what the world says. I judged him by his character. I loved him. Maybe my love for him blinded me. Even with that being said, I never thought he'd be involved with other people, make falsehoods, and get people taken away from their families. Ish was just a driver, he never carried a gun, never robbed nobody. He's doing five years. They said Melly sold drugs, Melly never sold no drugs. Everybody knows that."

Watch the full interview with Jordan from prison above.